Breath of Fire II


  1. The Destined Child (share)
  2. A Voice Calling from the Darkness (share)
  3. Please, God (share)
  4. My Home Sweet Home (share)
  5. Memories (share)
  6. There's Something Here (share)
  7. Critical Moment (share)
  8. No One Knows (share)
  9. We're Rangers! (share)
  10. Hide-and-Seek (share)
  11. Wanderer (share)
  12. Cross Counter (share)
  13. Treasures Won (share)
  14. Grab the Tail (share)
  15. Coliseum (share)
  16. Creeping Shadow (share)
  17. Clean Hit (share)
  18. Pincer Attack (share)
  19. Fly Pudding (share)
  20. I'll Do It! (share)
  21. Fishing Max (share)
  22. A Whale La-La-La (share)
  23. Trouble Sleeping (share)
  24. Kingdom (share)
  25. Left Unspoken (share)
  26. Clumsy Dance (share)
  27. Century of the Patriarch (share)
  28. Cold and Dark (share)
  29. Let Me Sleep So I May Dream (share)
  30. Dying Corpse (share)
  31. Gimme a Chance (share)
  32. Don't Even Think About Dying (share)
  33. Sandy Slumber (share)
  34. Our Journey (share)
  35. White Wings (share)
  36. God of Decadence (share)
  37. No Way Out (share)
  38. The World is Trembling (share)
  39. Crooked Ladder (share)
  40. Approach (share)
  41. Nightmare (share)
  42. What it Takes to be a Hero (share)
  43. Lethal Dose (share)
  44. Daybreak (share)
  45. The Closing of the Dragon's Eye at the End of the Tale (share)
  46. Last Impact (share)
  47. Breath of Fire (share)
  48. Thank You, Everyone (share)

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