Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck


  1. Opening Theme (share)
  2. Title Theme (share)
  3. Level 1 (share)
  4. Stage Start (share)
  5. Level 2 (share)
  6. Stone Age Suburbs (share)
  7. Boss Theme (share)
  8. Level 3 (share)
  9. Area Clear (share)
  10. Level 4 (share)
  11. Level 5 (share)
  12. The Apple Tree, Statue Carving (share)
  13. Dippy the Dinosaur, The River Race (share)
  14. Butterfly Grove, Wacky Waterfalls (share)
  15. Lively Lava, Spooky Cave (share)
  16. Going Up the Tree, Going Down the Tree, The Lava Tree (share)
  17. The Fruit Mountain, Snow Problem, Meet Morgan Moose (share)
  18. In the Smelly Sewers, The Car Factory (share)
  19. Ending Theme (share)
  20. Continue (share)

Composed By

Martin Iveson

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