Contra III: The Alien Wars


  1. Red Falcon's Revenge (share)
  2. Ground Zero (share)
  3. Point of Entry (share)
  4. Tearing Up the Turnpike (share)
  5. Neo Kobe Steel Factory (share)
  6. Road Warriors (share)
  7. Nesting in the Sands (share)
  8. Invasion (share)
  9. Casualty of War (share)
  10. Mission Accomplished (share)
  11. No Man's Land (share)
  12. The Final Gauntlet (Part 1) (share)
  13. The Final Gauntlet (Part 2) (share)
  14. The Final Gauntlet (Part 3) (share)
  15. Cease Fire (share)

Composed By

Miki Yanagisawa

Masanori Adachi

Tappi Iwase

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