Demon's Crest


  1. Legend of Firebrand (share)
  2. Opening (share)
  3. Choose Thine Options (share)
  4. The Chonicler (share)
  5. Battle of the Zombie Dragon (share)
  6. Prelude to Horror (share)
  7. A Treasure Recovered (share)
  8. Beyond the Colosseum (share)
  9. Challenge of Devils (share)
  10. Challenge of Devils (Intro) (share)
  11. Over the Demon Realm (share)
  12. Metropolis of Ruin (share)
  13. Headbutting Game (share)
  14. The Shopkeeper (share)
  15. Catacombs of the Dead (share)
  16. This Enchanted Forest (share)
  17. Within the Tidal Reefs (share)
  18. Cursed Towers (share)
  19. A Sunken Aqueduct (share)
  20. Dance of the Snowy Barrens (share)
  21. Caverns of Ice (share)
  22. Palace of Decadence (share)
  23. Phalanx Arising (share)
  24. The Infinite Demon (share)
  25. The Hell of Civil War (share)
  26. The Crests are Hidden Forever (share)
  27. The Throne Refused (share)
  28. Memorial of the Fallen Ones (share)
  29. The End ~ Firebrand Victorious (share)

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