Donkey Kong Country


  1. Theme (share)
  2. Simian Segue (share)
  3. DK Island Swing (share)
  4. Cranky's Theme (share)
  5. Cave Dweller Concert (share)
  6. Bonus Room Blitz (share)
  7. Aquatic Ambiance (share)
  8. Candy's Love Song (share)
  9. Bad Boss Boogie (share)
  10. Mine Cart Madness (share)
  11. Life in the Mines (share)
  12. Voices of the Temple (share)
  13. Forest Frenzy (share)
  14. Treetop Rock (share)
  15. Funky's Fugue (share)
  16. Misty Menace (share)
  17. Northern Hemispheres (share)
  18. Ice Cave Chant (share)
  19. Fear Factory (share)
  20. Gang-Plank Galleon (share)
  21. K. Rool's Cacophony (share)
  22. The Credits Concerto (share)

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