1. Introduction (share)
  2. At Doom's Gate (share)
  3. The Imp's Song (share)
  4. Dark Halls (share)
  5. Kitchen Ace (and Taking Names) (share)
  6. Suspense (share)
  7. On the Hunt (share)
  8. Demons On the Prey (share)
  9. Signs of Evil (share)
  10. Hiding the Secrets (share)
  11. I Sawed the Demons (share)
  12. The Demons From Adrian's Pen (share)
  13. Intermission From DOOM (share)
  14. They're Going to Get You (share)
  15. Sinister (share)
  16. Waltz of the Demons (share)
  17. Nobody Told Me About id (share)
  18. Untitled (share)
  19. Donna to the Rescue (share)
  20. Deep Into the Code (share)
  21. Facing the Spider (share)
  22. The End of DOOM (share)
  23. Sweet Little Dead Bunny (share)

Composed By

Bobby Prince

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