Gunstar Heroes


  1. Intro (share)
  2. Legend of the Gunstars (share)
  3. Choose a Path (share)
  4. Military on the Max-Power (share)
  5. Bravoo Man (share)
  6. Defeat Pinky Roader! (share)
  7. Rolling Chaser (share)
  8. Theme of Seven-Force (share)
  9. Stairs Too High (share)
  10. Dancing-Smash-Hero (share)
  11. Dice-Dance-Days (share)
  12. Defeat Them All! (share)
  13. Empire - The Final Assault (share)
  14. Theme of Smash Daisaku (share)
  15. Decision (share)
  16. Good Night, Baby! (share)
  17. Control Unit HDR (share)
  18. Last Party on the Moon (share)
  19. Theme of Golden Silver (share)
  20. The End of the Battle -To Out World- (share)
  21. Heroes - Reprise for Yellow (share)
  22. Miniboss Defeated! (share)
  23. Stage Clear (share)
  24. Continue (share)
  25. Game Over (share)

Composed By

Norio Hanzawa

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