Itadaki Street 2: Neon Sign wa Bara Iro ni


  1. Perfect Love (share)
  2. Happy Kitchen (share)
  3. Fresco (share)
  4. Solution of Tears (share)
  5. Well, Then (share)
  6. Evil Carousel (share)
  7. Ride the Star Ferry (share)
  8. The Other Side of the Satin (share)
  9. Uptown (share)
  10. Mistral (share)
  11. Farewell, Maggie (share)
  12. Long Way to the Cape (share)
  13. Stardust Princess (share)
  14. Gloom of the Depths (share)
  15. Dream About You (share)
  16. Sophie's Doubt (share)
  17. Beach Paradise (share)
  18. Traversing the Wilderness (share)
  19. You Are LaPrince (share)
  20. Green Street (share)
  21. Champagne and Dice (share)
  22. Pariah Dancing (share)
  23. Nervous Heel (share)
  24. Rebel of the Bay (share)
  25. Someday for Sure (share)
  26. Wheel That Flew Off (share)
  27. Say Nothing More (share)

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