Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu


  1. Intro (share)
  2. Waterfall Master (share)
  3. Destiny (share)
  4. Jumping Tiger (share)
  5. Momentum (share)
  6. Bouncing Dragon (share)
  7. Watch Your Step (share)
  8. Flying Turtle (share)
  9. Leaping Fish (share)
  10. Sorcerer's Henchmen (share)
  11. Secret Bonus (share)
  12. Bonus Stage (share)
  13. Bonus Results (share)
  14. In the Dark (share)
  15. Falling Spider (share)
  16. Jackie and Josephine (share)
  17. Ending Credits (share)
  18. Game Over (share)

Composed By

Masakatsu Maekawa

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