Jewel Master


  1. Close to the Edge (share)
  2. Tinkle of Rings (share)
  3. Jewel Master (share)
  4. Vital Signs (share)
  5. Spier Tiger (share)
  6. The Gate of Delirium (share)
  7. Alone in Love (share)
  8. Fire Bird (share)
  9. Talk to the Wind (share)
  10. Now You're Gone (share)
  11. King Turtle (share)
  12. Fish Out of Water (share)
  13. Dragonspawn (share)
  14. Chaos Dragon (share)
  15. Time to Kill (share)
  16. Intergalactic Strut (share)
  17. Darkness (share)
  18. Burning Bridges (share)
  19. Demon King (share)
  20. To be Over (share)
  21. I Got It! (share)
  22. The Dream's Over (share)

Composed By

Naoki Kodaka

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