Landstalker - The Treasures of King Nole


  1. Title Theme (share)
  2. Black Market (share)
  3. Let's Go on an Adventure (share)
  4. Hey, it's Your Turn! (share)
  5. Premonition of Trouble (share)
  6. Bustling Street (share)
  7. Prayers to God (share)
  8. Seeking Treasure (share)
  9. Wicked God's Banquet (share)
  10. Heh Heh, Think I'll Disrupt This Good Cheer (share)
  11. Beneath the Mysterious Tree (share)
  12. The Marquis' Invitation (share)
  13. The King's Chamber (share)
  14. A Ballad for Princess Loria (share)
  15. Friday's Memory (share)
  16. The Death God's Invitation (share)
  17. Torchlight (share)
  18. Friday and a Soft Breeze (share)
  19. Treasure Hunter Nigel (share)
  20. Deserted Street Corner (share)
  21. Pink Book (share)
  22. Adventure Spirit (share)
  23. Urgent, Nigel! (share)
  24. A Ballad for Princess Loria (Loop Version) (share)
  25. The Silence, the Darkness, and (share)
  26. Labyrinth (share)
  27. Mysterious Island (share)
  28. Light of the Setting Sun (share)
  29. Divine Guardian of the Maze (share)
  30. To the Great Adventurers (share)
  31. Cure (share)
  32. Jingle 1 (share)
  33. Jingle 2 (share)
  34. Item Chest (share)
  35. Save (share)
  36. Rest (share)

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