1. Title Screen (share)
  2. Stage Intro (share)
  3. Stage Clear (share)
  4. Failure (share)
  5. Just Dig! (share)
  6. Only Floaters Can Survive This (share)
  7. Tailor-Made For Blockers (share)
  8. Now Use Miners and Climbers (share)
  9. You Need Bashers This Time (share)
  10. A Task For Blockers and Bombers (share)
  11. Builders Will Help You Here (share)
  12. Not As Complicated As it Looks (share)
  13. As Long As You Try Your Best (share)
  14. Smile if You Love Lemmings (share)
  15. Keep Your Hair on Mr. Lemming (share)
  16. Patience (share)
  17. We All Fall Down (share)
  18. Origins and Lemmings (share)
  19. Don't Let Your Eyes Deceive You (share)
  20. Don't Do Anything Too Hasty (share)
  21. Easy When You Know How (share)
  22. Beast I (share)
  23. Menace (share)
  24. Awesome (share)
  25. Beast II (share)
  26. Intermission (share)
  27. Ending (share)
  28. Staff Roll (share)
  29. Trapdoor (share)

Composed By

Tomomi Hatakeyama

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