Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!


  1. Punch Out!! Theme (share)
  2. Punch Out!! Theme (Reprise) (share)
  3. Glass Joe's Theme (share)
  4. Piston Honda's Theme (share)
  5. Don Flamenco's Theme (share)
  6. King Hippo's Theme (share)
  7. Von Kaiser's Theme (share)
  8. Soda Popinski's Theme (share)
  9. Round 1 Begins... (share)
  10. Match BGM (share)
  11. Get Up Little Mac!! (share)
  12. You Lose (share)
  13. You Win! (share)
  14. Bout Winner (share)
  15. Preparing for Next Big Bout (share)
  16. Moving on to Next Level (share)
  17. The Dream Fight!! (share)
  18. Warming Up with Doc (share)
  19. You've Won the Championship Ranking!! (share)
  20. Game Over (share)

Composed By

Akito Nakatsuka

Yukio Kaneoka

Kenji Yamamoto

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