Rise of the Triad


  1. Apogee Fanfare (share)
  2. Rise of the Triad (share)
  3. MMMenu (share)
  4. God Rest Ye, Deadly Gentlemen (share)
  5. Going Up (share)
  6. Fish Polka (share)
  7. Hod'q I Do (share)
  8. You Suck! (share)
  9. Watz Next (share)
  10. Gazz! (share)
  11. Goin' Down the Fast Way (share)
  12. Mist Ache (share)
  13. Oww! (share)
  14. Smoke and Mirrors (share)
  15. Spray (share)
  16. Run Like Smeg (share)
  17. Havana Smooth (share)
  18. Chant (share)
  19. Music For the Funeral of Queen Mary (share)
  20. Task Force (share)
  21. KISS OFF (share)
  22. Adagio For String and Organ (share)
  23. Shards (share)
  24. I Choose the Stairs (share)
  25. CCCool (share)
  26. Excalibur (share)
  27. Suck This (share)
  28. Work Day (share)
  29. Where Izit (share)
  30. Boss Blow (share)
  31. Hellero (share)
  32. Evin Rude (share)
  33. Victory! (share)
  34. Here Boy (share)

Composed By

Bobby Prince

Lee Jackson

Henry Purcell

Tomaso Albinoni

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