1. Power of Anger (share)
  2. Fly High (share)
  3. Planet Ratis (share)
  4. Starfield (share)
  5. Burn the Wind (share)
  6. Destroy them All (share)
  7. Aircraft Carrier (share)
  8. Poison of Snake (share)
  9. Peace Again (share)
  10. Crystal Forever (share)
  11. Thunderbolt (share)
  12. Slash Fighter (share)
  13. Combat (share)
  14. A Theme of the Salamander (share)
  15. Silvery Wings Again (share)
  16. Sensation (share)
  17. All is Vanity (share)
  18. Serious Serious Serious (share)
  19. Speed (share)
  20. Dear Blue (share)
  21. Power of Anger (share)
  22. Planet Ratis (share)
  23. Last Exit (share)
  24. Theme of the Gorem (share)
  25. Mechanical Boss Theme (share)
  26. Living Body Boss Theme (share)
  27. Prelude of the Last Battle (share)
  28. Giga's Rage (share)
  29. Beginning from the Endless (share)
  30. What's Your Name (share)
  31. Slash Fighter (share)
  32. Sensation (share)

Composed By

Miki Higashino

Hidenori Maezawa

Shinya Sakamoto

Satoe Terashima

Atsushi Fujio

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