Secret of Mana


  1. A Wish... (share)
  2. Dancing Animals (share)
  3. Fear of the Heavens (share)
  4. Into the Thick of It (share)
  5. The Dark Star (share)
  6. Together Always (share)
  7. Whisper and Mantra (share)
  8. Menu Screen (share)
  9. In the Dead of the Night (share)
  10. The Color of the Summer Sky (share)
  11. I Won't Forget (share)
  12. Spirit of the Night (share)
  13. Phantom... and... a Rose (share)
  14. Distant Thunder (share)
  15. It Happened Late One Evening (share)
  16. Did You See the Ocean? (share)
  17. Fond Memories (share)
  18. Eternal Recurrence (share)
  19. Mystic Invasion (share)
  20. Ceremony (share)
  21. A Curious Happening (share)
  22. What the Forest Taught Me (share)
  23. Secret of the Arid Sands (share)
  24. Monarch On the Shore (share)
  25. The Little Sprite (share)
  26. A Bell Is Tolling (share)
  27. A Curious Tale (share)
  28. Steel and Snare (share)
  29. Flight Into the Unknown (share)
  30. The Wind Never Ceases (share)
  31. The Legend (share)
  32. Prophecy (share)
  33. Still of the Night (share)
  34. A Conclusion (share)
  35. Leave Time For Love (share)
  36. Danger (share)
  37. Calm Before the Storm (share)
  38. The Curse (share)
  39. The Oracle (share)
  40. Morning Is Here (share)
  41. One of Them Is Hope (share)
  42. Meridian Dance (share)
  43. Now Flightless Wings (share)
  44. The Second Truth From the Left (share)
  45. I Closed My Eyes (share)
  46. Boss Defeated (share)
  47. Victory Theme (share)
  48. Orb Chime (share)
  49. Partner Joined (share)
  50. Got Weapon (share)
  51. Got Magic (share)
  52. Flammie (share)
  53. Got Item (share)
  54. Got Key (share)

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