Spider-Man & Venom-Maximum Carnage


  1. Main Theme (share)
  2. Story Interlude (share)
  3. Prepare for Carnage (share)
  4. Stage Clear ~ Get Ready (share)
  5. Streets of New York (share)
  6. Heated Battle ~ Decisive Dance (share)
  7. Chasing Insanity (share)
  8. Heroic Assault (share)
  9. Ending ~ Staff Roll (share)
  10. Theme of Captain America (share)
  11. Theme of Iron Fist (share)
  12. Theme of Morbius (share)
  13. Theme of Black Cat (share)
  14. Theme of Cloak (share)
  15. Theme of Dagger (share)
  16. Theme of Deathlok (share)
  17. Theme of Firestar (share)
  18. Continue (share)
  19. Game Over (share)

Composed By

Chris Jojo

Tony Williams

Paul Tonge

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