Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


  1. Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure (share)
  2. Let's Try (share)
  3. In the Flower Garden (share)
  4. Bowser's Castle (First Time) (share)
  5. Fight Against Bowser (share)
  6. The Sword Descends and the Stars Scatter (share)
  7. Super Pipe House (share)
  8. Where Am I Going_ (share)
  9. The Road is Full of Dangers (share)
  10. Fight Against Monsters (share)
  11. Victory!! (share)
  12. Hello, Happy Kingdom (share)
  13. Explanation! (share)
  14. A New Partner (share)
  15. Still, the Road is Full of Dangers (share)
  16. Invincible Star (share)
  17. Fight Against a Stronger Monster (share)
  18. Here's Some Weapons! (share)
  19. Fight Against an Armed Boss (share)
  20. Got a Star Piece (part 1) (share)
  21. Got a Star Piece (part 2) (share)
  22. The Dungeon is Full of Monsters (share)
  23. Let's Go Down the Wine River (share)
  24. Grandpa and the Delightful Tadpoles (share)
  25. Shock! (share)
  26. Sad Song (share)
  27. Let's Play _Geno_ (share)
  28. Geno Awakens (share)
  29. Beware the Forest's Mushrooms (share)
  30. Rose Town (share)
  31. From Inside the Earthen Pipe (share)
  32. Welcome! Yo'ster Island!! (share)
  33. Let's Race (share)
  34. Hard-Working Moles are Good Moles (share)
  35. Docaty Mountain Railroad (share)
  36. Welcome to Booster Tower (share)
  37. And my Name's Booster (share)
  38. Long Long Ago... (share)
  39. Heart Beating a Little Faster (part 1) (share)
  40. Heart Beating a Little Faster (part 2) (share)
  41. Slope (share)
  42. The Merry Marry Bell Rings (share)
  43. Celebrational (share)
  44. The Starlight's Flower (share)
  45. Sunken Ship (share)
  46. Going Shopping in Seaside Town (share)
  47. My Paradise ~ Monstro Town (share)
  48. Fight Against Culex (share)
  49. Victory Over Culex (share)
  50. Conversation with Culex (share)
  51. You and Toadofski Create Exquisite Music (share)
  52. Let's Do the Fooka-Fooka! (share)
  53. Margarie Margarita (share)
  54. Dodo's Coming!! (share)
  55. Barrel Volcano (share)
  56. The Axem Rangers Drop in (share)
  57. Bowser's Castle (Second Time) (share)
  58. Weapons Factory (share)
  59. Fight Against Smithy (share)
  60. Fight Against Smithy, Who Likes Transforming (share)
  61. Goodbye Geno (share)
  62. Seeing Dreams Through the Window of the Stars (share)
  63. And the Parade Draws to a Close... (share)
  64. Happy Parade, Delightful Parade (share)
  65. The End! (share)

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