Super R-Type


  1. R-9, to the Front! (share)
  2. Solo Sortie (share)
  3. Counterattack '91 (share)
  4. As Wet as a Fish (share)
  5. A Submerging Titan (share)
  6. Dream of a Labyrinth (share)
  7. R Dance (share)
  8. National Anthem of Bydo Empire (share)
  9. Return of the Creature (share)
  10. Escape from the Bydo Empire (part 1) (share)
  11. Escape from the Bydo Empire (part 2) (share)
  12. Try Harder! (share)
  13. To the Next Zone! (share)
  14. A Combat is Over. (share)
  15. Blast Rock (share)
  16. R-Type Medley (share)

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