Thunder Force III


  1. The Wind Blew All Day Long (share)
  2. Beyond the Peace (share)
  3. Back to the Fire (share)
  4. Gargoyle (share)
  5. Venus Fire (share)
  6. Twin Vulcan (share)
  7. The Grubby Dark Blue (share)
  8. King Fish (share)
  9. Truth (share)
  10. G Lobster (share)
  11. Final Take a Chance (share)
  12. Mobile Fort (share)
  13. His Behavior Inspired Us With Distrust (share)
  14. Hunger Made Them Desperate (share)
  15. Off Luck (share)
  16. Final Moment (share)
  17. Be Menaced By Orn (share)
  18. Stage Clear (share)
  19. Continue (share)
  20. Game Over (share)
  21. A War Without the End (share)
  22. Present (share)

Composed By

Toshiharu Yamanishi

Tomomi Ootani

Naosuke Arai

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