Urban Strike


  1. Urban Strike (share)
  2. Rally for a Madman (share)
  3. Prelude to War (share)
  4. The Commander's Theme (share)
  5. Trouble in Paradise (share)
  6. Chopper Flight (share)
  7. Mission Complete (share)
  8. Victory! (share)
  9. Military Tactics (share)
  10. Bombing the Oil Rig (share)
  11. Southern Assault (share)
  12. Ground Assault Vehicle (share)
  13. Disturbance at the Bay (share)
  14. Malone's Last Stand (share)
  15. To the Underground Hideout (share)
  16. Staff Roll (share)
  17. Game Over (share)
  18. Explosion (share)
  19. Ignition (share)

Composed By

Don Veca

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