Violent Storm


  1. Pleased To Meet You (Player Shoukai Demo) (share)
  2. Prologue (Prologue Demo) (share)
  3. Funky Guys (Player Select) (share)
  4. Who'll Be The Hero (1st BGM) (share)
  5. On The Train (2nd BGM) (share)
  6. Feel My Power (3rd BGM 1) (share)
  7. Sharara's Dancing ~ Light Steps (3rd BGM 2) (share)
  8. Drifting Tension (4th BGM) (share)
  9. We Are Free (5th BGM) (share)
  10. Hey! Hey! Hey! (6th BGM) (share)
  11. The Final Technique (7th BGM) (share)
  12. Who Are You (Boss BGM 1) (share)
  13. In The Shadows (Boss BGM 2) (share)
  14. VS Geldo (Saishuu Boss) (share)
  15. Kick It! (Stage Clear) (share)
  16. Out Of Luck! (Game Over) (share)
  17. Nice Fight. Congratulations (Naming) (share)
  18. Are You Ready To Have A Good Time (Ending) (share)

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