1. All That X-Men (share)
  2. Code 1012 (share)
  3. They Come From Hell (share)
  4. Here Comes The Hero (share)
  5. Do The Right Thing (share)
  6. Premonition (share)
  7. Junk Factory (share)
  8. Psycho Talking (share)
  9. No Fear To Fight (share)
  10. Dance With A Crocodile (share)
  11. Ambience Of The Underground (share)
  12. Please.. Rescue The Professor (share)
  13. Mountain Top (share)
  14. Ethnic Cave & Flame (share)
  15. Command From Prof X (share)
  16. I Wish You a Pleasant Journey (share)
  17. I'll Keep On Fighting As Long As I Live (share)
  18. Nightmarish Fight (share)
  19. Is That All You've Got (share)
  20. Fake Dance (share)
  21. They Are Peaceful Loving People (share)

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